Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Potted Cactus For Cool Contemporary Looks

Potted cactus gardens look stunning in contemporary environments and are the easiest plants to keep alive and thriving for even the most green thumb challenged amongst us.

Cacti come from the family cactaceae and have a number of adaptations which help them to survive in dry climates such as vascular systems which store water and nutients. This handy little adaptation means that it is pretty hard to kill a Cactus. In fact you and your Cactus will bond beautifully if you don't water them too often!

Cacti come from dry or desert environments but can be grown in a wide variety of environments. Cacti are also very cold hardy as they have to deal with the extreme cold of the desert at night. They can also cope with wet climates as long as grown in well drained soil.

Cacti come in a wide variety of shapes, colours and sizes and can do equally well outside or indoors as long as they're in a very light or sunny position. Indoors, position them where they'll get plenty of natural sunlight and be sure to let them dry out completely before giving them another drink. Overwatering is just about the only mistake that will kill them. How easy is that for all you time poor would-be gardeners, who'd like to share your life with a little plantlife.

To make a striking statement try positioning your potted cactus garden as a feature on a central coffee table, dining table or on a console in front of a mirror. Outside, position it on a table or plinth amongst a group of feature pot specimens. A block of sandstone would be perfect.

We've got some striking cactus gardens now on display in our Redfern showroom so pop in and have a look and find your perfect match.

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